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about - HuloFox

HULOFOX LTD. delivers investors a modern way to invest in crypto currency. We are here to continue to build a leading alternative firm with a core focus on crypto currency solutions and to be esteemed in the marketplace for our ideas, talent, and reliability.

Our world is experiencing a massive technological transformation. Blockchain is one of the major technological inventions of the last decade that creates unparalleled opportunities to re-think the way the world operates and interacts. At HuloFox, Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate Crypto Currency experience. We are passionate about online investment, continuously innovating and looking to improve the way our clients invest in financial markets.

How HuloFox Works?

HuloFox has turned Crypto Currency investing into a very comfortable, speedy, easy, safe, and relatively risk free process.

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Hulofox's investment strategy is designed to deliver a well-balanced and globally diversified portfolio that will maximize sustained long-term returns without incurring undue risk. To reach the target of this strategy, our trading expert have designed multiple investment packages for you to choose from based on your financial needs. You can choose yourself which plan to invest into. But if you have some doubts and hesitate which plan to take, you can consult with our expert trading team.


Daily 12.5% for 24 times

Daily Return

for 24 times

12.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 500
Maximum$ 9999
per time$ 656.1875.0
Total Return$ 15748.5.0


Hourly 16.5% for 24 times

Hourly Return

for 24 times

16.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 10000
Maximum$ 29999
per time$ 3299.9175.0
Total Return$ 79198.02.0


Weekly 20.5% for 24 times

Weekly Return

for 24 times

20.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 30000
Maximum$ 49999
per time$ 8199.8975.0
Total Return$ 196797.54.0


Hourly 24.5% for 52 times

Hourly Return

for 52 times

24.5% roi each time

Minimum$ 50000
Maximum$ 99999
per time$ 18374.8775.0
Total Return$ 955493.63.0

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